Browsing Translation Projects

Browse page is the first thing you see once signed in on the translation server. Basically, it's a table containing information about projects available for translation in your language.

Navigation Panel

Navigation panel guides you through the translation system. Using the drop-downs you can switch between view modes, languages and projects.

There are two main view modes available in our translation system: Browse and Translate. Browse mode provides general information about projects. Translate mode represents the translation interface.

The right drop-down is used for switching between projects. By default it's set to All Projects. By clicking on a project in the menu you get to the project Browse page.

Selecting Your Language

Once you sign in to the translation server, you get redirected to Browse page for a language detected from your browser settings. If it's not the target language you need, switch to your language using the drop-down:

Not seeing your language on this list? Contact us, and we'll add it shortly.


Projects available for translation in your language are listed in the left column of the table. Not seeing a project you need? Contact us, we'll add it shortly.

NOTE: All projects' names also include names of operating systems, ex.: Evernote (Android).

This is done because some Evernote products have different sets of strings used on different platforms. Make sure you pick the project with a proper OS name, ex.: choose Evernote (Mac OS v.5) if you use Evernote on Mac. Otherwise you won't see your translations in the product.

Information About Projects

Other columns in the table display various data referring to projects: total word count, amount of words for translation, number of suggestions and critical errors. In Last updated column you see when source strings were updated, and from Last Activity column you get to know who was the last person to translate in a project.

By default, projects are sorted alphabetically by their name, however you may sort them by any property, as you like.

What's Next

Found a project you need? To start translating, click on a corresponding number in Need Translation column, and you'll be forwarded to the translation interface.