Correcting Mistakes in Translated Strings

Correcting translation mistakes in user interface of Evernote products is another frequent scenario in our translation system.

When in project browser, make sure you have the proper language selected, and, optionally, the project. If you're not sure what project to search in, don't select any.

What we want is to find an exact word or phrase with the mistake. Type in or paste the incorrect translation into the search box, check Target Text and Exact Match checkboxes and click the search icon:

You will see a list of strings containing your exact search phrase. Ideally it should be just one match. If you get too many results, or can't find the string, feel free to contact our localization team.

Input your new translation in the translation box and click Submit button. If you don't have submit permissions, press Suggest button and let us know you've done the correction by using Report a problem with this string link:

NOTE: if you want to report layout issues (for example, truncated text in a button), feel free to upload your screenshot anywhere (a shared note in Evernote is a good choice!) and send our localization managers a link to it. We'll forward this to our engineers.

What's Next

This section gave you a brief overview of how to use the search functionality for one particular case. Next chapter will give you more details on how to use Search effectively.