How to Sign In

When you get to Evernote translation server Welcome page (, you see a big green button in the center:

Click the button, and you'll get to Evernote sign in page. Input your Evernote username or email address, and password to sign in.

Alternatively, you can sign in using another green button located in the right upper corner at Welcome page:

Click the button, and you'll see a dialog with two tabs: Social Services and Login / Password. On Social Services tab you can login to Evernote Translation Server with your Evernote account:

If you have a dedicated account in Evernote translation system (not just in Evernote) and you know your login and password, use another tab (Login / Password) to sign in:

NOTE: Creating accounts in Evernote translation system is no longer available. By default, we identify users by their Evernote accounts.

What's Next

Once signed in, you will be redirected to your language Browse which is used for browsing translation projects.

Now you're almost ready for translation. Before getting into it, take a moment to fill your public translator's profile which is created at your first login.

Filling your profile will help you to make translating Evernote an enjoyable social experience, get more followers on Twitter, and boost your resume on LinkedIn.