Changing Your Translation Preferences

We want Evernote translation server to be friendly and effective for everyone, that's why we've enabled some personal customization of the translation environment.

To view and change your translation preferences, click on your username in the right upper corner and click on Settings in the drop-down.

You'll be redirected to Settings page with two sections on it: User Account and Translation:

In Translation section you may be interested in adding Alternative Source Languages:

Alternative Source Languages parameter enables you to see more than just source text in English. Here you can pick additional languages displayed in Translate mode to facilitate your translation process:

You can choose one or several additional languages.

NOTE: Translations in these languages are taken from Evernote Translation Server, they are not generated automatically, and only available if they exist for a particular string.

Click Save button to save your settings.

What's Next

We hope configuring the translation interface will bring more convenience in your work in Evernote Translation Server and prevent unnecessary mistakes. In any case, don't be afraid to do something wrong: all mistakes are detected on the fly, by range of powerful Quality Checks.