Reviewing Translations from Other Users

Reviewing is available to users with special review permissions. It involves moderation of translations suggested by volunteers by approving and rejecting them. Approved suggestions become submissions and get to Evernote products. Rejected translations get erased from the translation system.

To view suggestions available for review in your language, open the list of projects in Browse mode and look at Suggestions column. It may be helpful to sort projects by this parameter, as shown on the screenshot:

Click on the number in Suggestions column to start reviewing suggestions in the project. You'll get to Translate mode with the list of strings and suggested translations. Each string may have one or several suggestions:

If you like one of suggestions as it is, click on the green icon next to it. It will be approved and automatically submitted. If you want to apply some corrections to one of suggestions, click on its text and it will be copied to the translation box. Do the necessary editing and click Submit button. If you want to remove a suggestion from the translation system, click on the red icon next to it.

What's Next

Reviewing suggestions is a great way to find the best translation in the range of variants. However, there's one project in Evernote translation system we strive to keep consistent — Terminology. From the next section you'll learn what to do if you have a better variant of a term translation.