Suggestions and Submissions

Depending on granted permissions, you can do two types of translations: suggestions or submissions. Suggestions are saved in the translation system and not used in Evernote products unless they are approved. Submitted translations are not only saved in the translation system, but also get to Evernote products.

Suggestions can be done by any signed in user. Just translate a string and click Suggest button to save your translation:

You'll be automatically moved to the next string. If you come back to the string you've just translated, you'll see your suggestion appearing under the translation box:

NOTE: You can add one or more suggestions for a string. To remove your own suggestion, click on the red circle next to it.

To see all your suggestions in a project, open the project in translation mode and select My suggestions in the drop-down menu:

If you want to be able to review suggestions made by other volunteers, please contact Localization team to request additional permissions.

What's Next

In the next section you'll learn more about the translation process.