Viewing Your Statistics

All the words you translate and review on Evernote translation server are automatically calculated, and you may track your activity in Statistics section in user menu:

Here you can see a table summarizing info on your activity in the current month. Use Previous month and Next month switchers to look through your records history:

If you work for Evernote as a contractor and have your rates assigned in the translation system, you'll also see your financial information displayed on this page, right below the Daily activity chart:

For detalied information, click Detailed Statistics link to see a list of units you worked on:

Please feel free to contact Localization team if you have any questions on your statistics, rates or any part of calculation process.

What's Next

Now we went through all basic features of Evernote translation server. The next block of advanced topics will help you to become a true expert. Learn about advanced translation tools available in our system to enjoy translating Evernote even more.