Your Public Translator’s Profile

Once your account in Evernote translation system is created, it’s time to fill your public profile. Add your avatar and a name to raise your recognition in the system. Add your Twitter profile to gain more followers and your LinkedIn profile to boost your resume.

Tell the world you translate for Evernote!

What is Your Public Profile

Your public profile is a page with your personal information available to all Pootle users upon clicking on your username or a direct link to this page. It displays your avatar, name, score, links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles (if available) and a short information about yourself (if available). Here’s an example of a completely filled public profile.

How to Fill Your Public Profile

Click on your username in the right upper corner and select Public Profile.

On your public profile page, click Edit My Public Profile button.

You will see a short form to fill:

Please specify your Full Name: it will be displayed everywhere in Pootle instead of your username (for example, 'Jane Doe' instead of 'some_test_evernote_translator').

Next, in Avatar section, you can add your avatar using a third-party service called Gravatar. Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment, post on a blog or translation in Pootle.

If you already have a Gvatar associated with your Evernote email address, it will be displayed in this section. If not, please register at using your Evernote email address (the one you use to login to Evernote). Signing up to Gravatar is easy and free.

NOTE: You can add or change your Pootle avatar ONLY in Gravatar service. To set or change your avatar for your email address, please go to Using an avatar makes you more recognizable in our translation system.

The next section in your public profile form offers you to add your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to let other Pootle users follow you or contact you on business matters. Please type your Twitter username and your LinkedIn profile URL in the corresponding fields.

Finally, take a moment to tell us more about you and your interests in Short Bio section. Adding a link to your personal website or a blog would be great. Writing a couple of words about yourself would be awesome, too. Or just let us know why you’re taking part in Evernote Translation project and what Evernote products you love the most. We do hope to hear from you soon!

How to Tweet Your Achievements

Twitting your score and your position in translators rating is the easiest way to share your achievements with your followers. Go to your public profile page and click on the score or your rating number (they are written in green):

You’ll be forwarded to Share a link with your followers page where you can edit the tweet and post it.

This is how your tweet will look like:

NOTE: Evernote won’t publish any content in your social media accounts with no approval from your side.

What's Next

Now your public profile looks great, and it's time to get acquainted with the translation server interface.